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the advantage. and ann romney appealing to the undecided women voters that republicans want to win over. no one really knows what tactics will make a difference. indeed ate swing states that will decide this election, that is. -- in the 8 swing states that will decide the election. >> this is bbc world news. hurricane sandy is strengthening as it approaches the east coast of the united states. these are live pictures in new jersey. the u.s. national hurricane center says it is expecting a life-threatening storm surges, hurricane coastal winds, heavy snow in the mountains. a magazine editor who published details of tax avoidance by some of the wealthiest greeks is in court charged with breaching privacy. next week, a's ruling communist party begins its once in a decade leadership change -- china's ruling communist party. we are taking a trip across china with our correspondent starting at the great wall. >> we will be reporting from a different location in china every day. we will kick off this week at the iconic great wall of china, as you can see behind me. this watch tower was built 500 years
close this election. one ohio voter wrote facebook, ann romney called in to wish him happy birthday. >> it's unclear whether sandy could bring the president off the campaign trail proving how important early voting is for both campaigns. >> terry: this morning the national weather service sandy is a hurricane again after being downgraded to tropical storm status. residents are being told to stock up with supplies for three days. super storm is expected to make landfall on monday night. airlines are warning about delays. five states have already declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm. it's been going back and forth from hurricane to tropical storm. noi right now we have a hurricane, is that the latest? >> yes, and it was 1991 when hurricane grace interacted and they a called it a perfect storm. this is quite an event. >> we're talking about a wind shift and offshore flow bringing warmer conditions. sunny and beautiful day. we'll be back with the full forecast coming up. >> terry: nice colors. giants trying to stay hot and >>> welcome back. a gorgeous shot. a little bit of t
by double digits in 2008. my guess this week says mitt romney may have suburban voters to thank. michael, great to have you back. >> it's go to be with you again, paul. >> where do you think this race stands right now? is romney surging as much as the polls appear to make it seem? >> yeah. i think romney is ahead in the race in the national race. i think he is within striking distance of the 270 eelectoral votes he needs, and the areas of the country where he made the greatest gains, when you compare him with the showing of john mccain tw 2008, appears to be a affluent suburbs. once upon a time affluent suburbs were solid republican territory, george h.w. bush in 1988 got big margins and carried states like michigan, ohio, california, in the four suburban counties outside philadelphia, he got 61% of the vote. zeroed out the democratic margin in the city of philadelphia. if you look at over the last 20 years, there's been a democratic trend in the affluent suburbs, and so president barack obama carried those four counties in pennsylvania with 57% of the vote if he carried the state. mitt
and governor romney is dead even. latest fox news poll of likely voters showing president obama and governor romney are tied at 46%. today the battleground states becoming a battlefield. >> president obama has seen a once steady lead in michigan decline two points. michigan is in toss-up status. the poll is from the detroit news. it finds obama leading romney 47-45%. that is the second poll in the week that has shown a tight race in michigan. >> it's not too late to turn this around. we can save medicare and social security. we can cut spending to get this budget balanced and pay off this debt. we can get people out of poverty and back to the middle-class. we can get america back on the right track and give our kids a debt free future. >> so ask yourself, who do you trust to be straight with you, to level with you. who do you trust to stand up for the middle-class and measuring? ladies and gentlemen, we are not. these guys, we are not in decline. they are in denial. >> you got fundamentals in this race. one of the fundamentals is the economy is horrible. you have the tea party that arisen si
way for the romney campaign. a lot of voters i've spoken to, they've heard about the ad, they've seen it and understand it's an attempt to muddy the waters and play fast and loose with the facts. that's not helping the romney campaign. voters i've spoken to say he didn't need to do this. why did he do this late in the game? we also spoke to ohio senators, rob portman and sherrod brown about the ad. and here's what they said, carol. >> i say it's the most disingenuous ad i've seen. they know better. they know the auto rescue worked. they understand that 800,000 ohioans are connected directly or indirectly to the auto rescue. they know that governor romney and my opponent's proposition to the auto rescue -- they're trying to cloud the issue. and it's pretty outrageous. >> it's fair game to the extent it's reported in the media, and that's all he said, there have been reports this could happen. the bigger issue for me, who has the best policies to be sure we can continue to manufacture here in america. >> reporter: so both campaigns -- surrogates fighting over this ad. but the squabbling
is, well, look at the polls, they say. if you look closely among independent voters, romney actually has a big, really big, advantage over obama, double digits in a lot of these polls. and they're saying so there's a mistake in these polls. there's too many democrats and we're all in for a big surprise tuesday. i think that's knocked down by the fact that independents are a broad and seemingly confused term, a lot of people that used to call themselves republicans to pollsters have simply calling themselves independents, but they still act and vote like republicans. so if the independent thing isn't what republicans say it is, from your view, what is the best argument at this point for romney suddenly getting that extra push over the last four, five days of this race and winning next tuesday? what's the strongest argument you've heard? >> well, i don't think there is a good argument for him getting a kind of issue push, a kind of free media narrative push. i think at this point, it's that the turnout assumptions that a lot of pollsters are making are wrong. and that republican -- opt
it was 54-49 in november. detroit suggests a similar swing in voter sentiment. romney close the gap in michigan the detroit news. chris stirewalt is the host of power play on governor romney is buying ad time and the president is trying to match him while sending bill clinton and joe biden, to minnesota and michigan all thought to be in the blue-state column in this election, because he's trying to head fake us or he has a legitimate shot of winning those election tore kwral rich states. >> part of the reason is that there is so gosh darn much money in this year's election neither candidate is abiding by the old limits on spending and the money is out there so both candidates have deep pockets in their campaign, they say, let's take a try here, let's take a try here. it's very telling where the gambit is taking place, it's not on the red turf it's on the blue turf. it's in blue wall streets, pennsylvania, minnesota, those are places that democrats don't want to be worried about. particularly interesting is michigan which has been a bulwark of the democratic party as imp
is clearly leading among the early voters, which is fairly typical. the governor romney, much more enthusiasm from those who plan to vote and you know, that's going to be, will he get votes and people to the polls. charles: before i let you go. this storm, hurricane sandy, is there any chance it could have an impact on the outcome of next week's election? >> now, i guess in a close election, anything could have an impact, but i'm at the jersey shore, more concerned in the next 48 hours than i am a week from tomorrow. charles: i hear you, amen, brother, stay safe and we'll talk to you soon. >> all right. charles: don't forget the election day, the coverage we're going to have extra varney coverage, the first show is going to be here at normal 9:20 a.m., but then at 5 p.m. eastern, "varney & company" will be back for an election special you do not want to miss it. right now, we want to go to jennifer davis, she's watching sandy from norfolk, virginia and what are you seeing right now? >> hi, charles, tt rain is coming down more, keeping a close eye on the surf and you can tell why. it's ferocio
have president obama leading mitt romney by five points when counting both early voters and ohioans who will actually vote on election day. but the overall race is a dead heat among ohioans who are going to cast their ballot on november 6. so how does president obama or mitt romney break the stalemate among the voters? they can basically either woo the undecideds or fire up the base. for president obama, it has become increasingly clear that the strategy is about one word, early. >> we can vote early in illinois, we can vote early in illinois. just like you can vote right now in florida. p just like you can vote early in colorado. just like you can vote early here in nevada. you can vote early. anybody who is here who has not yet voted, i want you to go vote. vote. vote. vote. vote. >> so did you get the message obama supporters some vote, vote, vote, early, early, early. it is a message directed specifically at the base. and to drive the point home about early voting, president obama went home to cast his vote this past thursday in chicago. this is the first time a sitting president ha
voted one in six voters who said they voted they gave mitt romney a six-point margin, less than one out of five voters say they are going to vote before election day, they split evenly between president obama and governor romney which tends to indicate that at least the enthusiastic el her voters are republican and the democrats have a prove with a lack of enthusiasm among their people and finally on election day the people would plan, just less than two-thirds 63 percent plan to vote on election day, they split for governor romney by the same number six points 51 to 45 percent so at least according to gallup this looks good. it is also borne out by if you look at the battleground state roughly 11 million, rather, 11 percent advantage for democrats either voting early or casting absentee ballot in 2008 but is far through roughly the 27th, it has been a decline of seven points if president obama declines seven point he is in trouble one with 53, dropping seven gives him 47. >>neil: how do you think the storm affects this in anyway? karl: where it is difficult to cope. romney will be hurt
is incredibly tight. a new cbs poll of likely voters show romney is putting the lead very small. >>> brad pitt is putting money behind same sex marriage. he's donating $100,000 to the human rights campaign to help it support same sex initiatives in several states. that includes maine, minnesota and washington state as well as maryland. >>> early voting centers will be open again today in maryland. prince george's county executive rushern baker and other local leaders stopped by one voting location in landover, maryland wednesday. the wayne curry sports and learning center is one of five early voting locations in the country. governor o'malley extended early voting hours because of sandy. early voting kents in maryland -- centers in maryland are now open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. through friday. >>> early voting sites in the district will also be open again today. the polls are open from 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. today through saturday. the d.c. board of elections says extra voting equipment has been added at all locations because long lines are expected. in person absentee voting hours have
for romney. is this going to become a matter of knocking on doors and getting voters out, and is romney at a disadvantage because of the organization? >> no. it's not about offices, it's about ideas. and what's driving the campaign in the later stages is the fact that with this crushing unemployment of 8% nationally, with national debt now $6 trillion higher under this president, gas prices doubling, i think what the independent voters, the undecideds want to know about who has the best ideas the next four years and i think increasingly they believe it's mitt romney with his plan. >> you have to get your voters out. we've seen the polls razor tight here. you have a storm coming. are you at all concerned that -- let's assume power could be out in a lot of these places through election day. is that now a card? >> it's seven days from the time the storm passes until election day. we've taken precautions to move up polling places to higher spots for restoration. the power company is well aware of that. i don't think it will interfere with voting. the ground game is the best i've seen in my
%. then in the sunshine state the president gets support of 49% from likely voters. mitt romney coming in with 47%. let's head to mentor, ohio where the president is holding a campaign stop. we're following very closely with nbc's chris janzen's help. chris a good day to you. let's get to what the president is saying in his final pitch to the ohio voters. why is he there in mentor, specifically? >> reporter: good afternoon, alex. there is one group, one reason why the president is here. he's white work class voters. it's a group where the president has been behind nationally, having a tough time getting to 40%. but it's closette here closest . five points separated him and mitt romney in working class voters. take a look at the statistics in mentor. i know this very well. i grew up in lake county. 95% white. $61,000 median income. that's about $10,000 above the national average. it's the story throughout a lot of parts of ohio. and the reason is, the auto industry. it's worth saying again and again that the auto industry accounts for one out of every eight jobs in ohio. and we're looking at 82 of 88 co
that the obama campaign was relying on to get the voters out to the polls. you also argue that mitt romney is the one who has ground to make up in a crucial swing states, like ohio and virginia. it will make it difficult for him. right now it is hard to tell whose campaign is going to be most affected. host: early voting, are you looking at how the race to get those votes in the bank before election day rolls around might be impacted? caller: we are. most of the states do not have early voting. pennsylvania, for example, does not have early voting. virginia does not allow it unless you have a special exception that allows you to vote absentee before the election. north carolina, which is an early casualty of hurricane sandy, has early voting. the question of just, basically, which ones are going to be affected most, it is hard to say. maryland suspended early voting today. and the other hand, that is a safely blue state, so that will probably not impact the outcome. host: jody rights in -- host: are the campaign's looking at what kind of impact of this could have in terms of big repercussi
essential information, how other than an assumption that voters are too dim to remember what mr. romney has said across the years and months, to account for his breathtaking ideological shifts. within limits all candidates say and do what they have to say and do to win. mr. romney by contrast seems to be betting voters have no memories, poor arithmetic skills, and a general inability to look behind the curtain. a "wizard of oz" reference. >> he's counting on those things. it's almost like he's in "men in black" and he thinks he has a flashy thing where he can say something and reverse himself and count on not being called for it. between fouling and the way that mitt romney has run, in a lot of ways if this is the way you can win a presidency, if he can win this way, i think it says horrible things about our policies. >> using the word lie. if you're willing to completely fool your base -- >> your own base. >> you might fool everybody. >> he's lying to the base or lying to the middle. i think one of the essential questions that will be settled on tuesday is does bs work? can you put out the
romney today giving what the campaign is now calling his closing arguments before voters head to the polls on tuesday. and back with more as we look at our predictions for tuesday the architect karl rove. i want to go back to ohio because as you pointed out we went through all of the numbers, very, very important. then we have got the coal factor in eastern, ohio. you have obviously this election is usually won or host in managemen hamilton county, e cincinnati, dayton surrounding areas. a lot of catholic voters out there that are not happy about the mandate. are these type of things maybe that are not picked up by polls? >> yeah, and look i don't think they are necessarily picked up by the early vote. i have been looking at what are called the ohio river counties. coal country in southeastern ohio and you look at those and they are okay in terms of the turnout with you look at the sentiment in that area and you recognize and realize there are probably people who are nominal democrats who voted early and ain't voting for obama and then you take a look at hamilton. cincinnati d
day. today in new hampshire the president tried to win over the state's undecided voters, arguing mitt romney made empty promises to keep taxes low for middle class americans, accusing him of raising fees as governor of neighboring massachusetts. >> when he's asked about it he said these weren't taxes. these were fees. but keep in mind, there were higher fees to be a barber. higher fees to become a nurse. >> reporter: the romney campaign fired back calling the president's accusations desperate. meanwhile, mr. obama continues to field questions about his administration's response to the attack on the u.s. consulate on benghazi including with msnbc's "morning joe" co-hosts joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. >> if we find out that there was a big breakdown, they will be held accountable. ultimately as commander in chief i'm responsible. and i don't shy away from that responsibility. >> reporter: the full interview will air monday. traveling with the president, in new hampshire, kristen welker, nbc news. >> reporter: this is peter zander in lando lakes, florida, where mitt romney is tryi
romney have to do to win the state. >> he has to win over a lot of afluent voters necessary suburbian areas that haven't voted republican in the last couple of presidential election. areas with which republicans used to win but trended democratic over the last 20 years. on the cultural issues and he has to win them over economic and stewardship and foreign policy get the white nonblue collar. obama campaign baraged ohio with ads. biggest anti-romney ads he's outsourced job to china and he fired me and my wife got cancer and all of that sort of thing. they have seen it in ohio and white noncollege voters in ohio are considerably not likely to support romney than in other states. there are different ohios and he has to gain in different places on different issues and appeals. >> michael you looked deeper in ohio and picked out one county that may be the key to the state of ohio. why and which county. franklin county includes the state capt capt of -- capital of columbus. franklin was a republican stronghold and a solidly republican. and columbus is the fastest growing metroarea in ohio
-american voters and singleles and crowd. and they would like to get the same turn out. romney has to go in the old neighborhood in the outer suburbs was columbus and by the way, that is where a number of romny and ryan campaigns. >> we are not ready for the yet. but who do you see winning the election? >> i see romney winning the election. i see him generally ahead in the polls and i see him, i see president obama at fren percent. that is not because people don't know him. you have 53 percent last time. 100 percent of the people know him and observed him closely for four years and you can't help but observe the president closely and only 47 percent are voting for him f. the election were held would he have the 270 vote majority nailed i think so but not sure. we have seen the situation where winninglet popular vote didn't win the electorial vote. but he's clearly within reach of 270 electoral votes. >> i have a lot confidence and you are usually right when everybody else is wrong. we'll fiped out how it turned out. >> we'll see if i am red-faced. >> i am sure you will not be. >> michael marone. ne
's undecided voters, arguing mitt romney made empty promises to keep taxes low for middle class americans, accusing him of raising fees as governor of neighboring massachusetts. >> when he's asked about it he said these weren't taxes. these were fees. keep in mind there were higher fees to be a barber, higher fees to become a nurse. >> reporter: the romney campaign fired back calling the president's accusations desperate. meanwhile, mr. obama continues to field questions about his administration's response to the attack on the u.s. consulate on benghazi including with msnbc's "morning joe" co-hosts joe scarborough and mika brsysnski. >> i'm responsible and i don't shy away with from that. >> reporter: traveling with the president, kristen well ke, nbc news. >>> this is peter alexander in florida where mitt romney is trying to pump up the vote. vowing he would be a bipartisan leader mr. romney laid into the president. >> he promised that his would be a post partisan presidency. we have watched him over the last four years and he's been divisive and demonized any group that opposed him. >>
mitt romney among likely voters but when you look at the people who are both likely to vote and follow politics, that lead shrinks to only two. both sides acknowledge that getting out the vote is crucial and a huge part of doing that is finding the volunteers willing to keep calling and knocking until the election. >> is this your life now until a week from tomorrow? >> we're going to keep going up until the very end, keep making calls and doing doors until the polls close. >> you're out there. i'm going to be out there more. >> ted rowlands joins us now from racine, wisconsin. how is the race looking there? >> reporter: we mentioned a poll by marquette university that had the president up eight points, a cnn poll released after that has the lead a little bit more narrow, within the margin of error. both sides agree that this is a -- an election that could go either way. the state of wisconsin could go either way and the difference will be who can get their base out to vote. >> well, they both are certainly trying hard to do that. ted rowlands thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet.
, and that especially with women voters is a problem. >> it wasn't just that obama did poorly. it is that romney did well and became, as mark said, moderate mitt. that is where people in the republican party traditionally .ove after the primary da he had been savaged by obama in an avalanche of ads, and he redeemed himself in that debate. >> we have this fiscal problems of living on january 2 report by the national association of manufacturers saying that the fiscal cliff is already hurting the economy. more than 80 ceo's are coming to put heat on congress. where is this going to do? >> it ought to result in congress making changes to keep us from going over the cliff. the statement of the ceo's is pretty significant if in that they said that not only do you need to have tax cuts, but some revenue -- >> tom mitt romney and paul ryan -- tell romney and paul ryan. >> but that would be a realistic thing to happen. he cannot do anything between now and election, but you can do something in january . we are also seeing steady improvement in the economy, an apartment that benefits the next president, by t
the base. get them out to vote as well as courting moderate swing voters. to that end, more romney made a deliberate and outward overture seeking bipartisan. watch. >> we've got to do something that doesn't happen very often in washington, that is paul ryan and you are going to do what we have done before. we are going to reach across the aisle, build bridges to the other party. >> reporter: those bridges don't extend to president obama. rhetoric is getting increasingly tough. mr. romney saying it lacks to agenda and amounts to stagnation. he argues that he and paul ryan will bring about bold changes. yesterday he gave a big speech that was the beginning of what constitutes a closing argument when you are still yesterday, 11 days, now 10 days away from election day. look for more attempts to shorten the rhetoric and sharpen the hits as they move closer to the election day. >> gregg: what a visual on a campaign bus heading to kissimmee. thanks. >> jamie: president obama making a campaign stop in a crucial battleground state of new hampshire. folk singer james carroll warming up the crowd
shows them both died at 36% that same poll shows governor romney 14 pointed vantage on like we've voter turnout that could be the key putting the campaign over the top in the swing states. clear politics has wisconsin as a tossup the latest poll has a candidates' tied at 49%. the president by a margin of 56% is now tied. 16 electoral votes considered a tossup of brand-new detroit poll has a president up by three. to poll have governor romney in the lead for colorado. rasmussen has 50/46 nrg has set at one. obama's stopped and ohio everyday trying to get that 18 votes although romney shows a 2.eight. we will examine all of the members tonight. we have joe trip the special assistant to george to the bush, rahm christi. fox news uncovers the smoking gun with the benghazi cover up. does it lead to the oval office? we have to be miller and dr. walid phares. and the subjects you may have noticed. but joining us now be have former special assistant to george w. bush, christie and joe, a race is separated one-tenth of 1%. >> is a dead heat national the list fascinating is we talk about the grou
american public policy. we called a romney voter in florida. and he said the reason he was for romney was because he didn't want medicare to change at all at any point. and that barack obama, in the long term, would abolish medicare. we said, well, what do you think about the premium support plan? he said if we change medicare, we should keep it exactly the same. we called an obama voter. and she said, well, you know, what i really liked about the president is he's not going to raise taxes on anyone. and when you look in the internals in these polls, you're seeing a lot of trust in people. and romney's been working very hard to come up more moderate on economics and say, look, i don't have the tax plan, a lot of the numbers appear that i have, and that is helping, but the specific policies people are voting for are -- they're intuitive intuitive. one thing we do in politics in washington is we say there's a clear and distinct agenda people are voting for. it's not happening from what we can tell. >> ezra klein, thank you very much. chuck todd, thank you as well. we'll see you on "the
's campaigning through new hampshire today, hoping to win some of those voters over and mitt romney headed to florida. both key battleground states, but stick with us for updates because this tropical storm, sandy, could certainly change all the campaign plans. >>> senate majority leader harry reid has been released from the hospital after getting into a car crash in las vegas. vehicles in his motorcade crash with a civilian car. the 72-year-old democrat suffered rib and hip contusions, but we're told he's in good condition. >>> warnings ignored. that's the finding of a report from the food and drug administration in the meningitis outbreak responsible for 25 deaths. mold and bacteria overgrowth were detected and reported almost 90 times since january to the new england compounding center. the company linked to the outbreak. the fda says it has no evidence the company ever responded to those warnings. >>> finally, lance armstrong is being asked to return the money from his tour de france wins. we're talking all of it. armstrong's been stripped of every one of those seven tour de france tit
president obama or mitt romney over the top. that's because as you mentioned at the outset we have a new program in ohio this year where every registered voter received an absentee ballot application. if you asked for one and ultimately decide not using it and decide i'd just as soon vote at the polls after all, when you show up you have to vote provisionally. those get put aside for ten days. as of yesterday, there were 800,000 people yesterday who had asked for an absentee ballot who had not yet sent it back in. a lot of the people are probably waiting until the closing days of race to do it. if each a quarter do not return it and show up at the polls, that's 200,000 people right there. there is a second category that do vote absentee but only do it the day before an election. if an absentee ballot is not in the hand of the election before the election, it gets put in the hands of the board. for ten days. typically folks who have moved or changed their name through marriage and haven't bothered to update the registration. those also get set aside for ten days. so you add these all toge
thing. >> especially when the candidate has trouble connecting with voters. romney needed a game-change he and the first debate was his chance. ann romney sat down with us just days before the big event. is there one thing he needs to do to break through? >> you know, i would love it, personally, just for people to tune in and just watch. because, you know, there's been so many other opinions and commentary and everything else, let's just see him, let's just see who he is, let's just see what he thinks and what he feels. for me, that's the important thing that must come through. >> it's not eeszy for romney to do that so he follows a few debate routines. >> as soon as he gets on stage, the first thing he does is he takes off his watch and puts it on the podium. but then he writes "dad" on a piece of paper. and that's amazing because he loves his dad, respects his dad, doesn't want to do anything that would not make his father proud. then he looks in the audience, and he finds me. he has to find where i am. he needs just that connection. and almost after every answer that he gives
to vote, the romney campaign looks at the electorate and says, no we are going to so dominate other groups, white voters, married voters, that we are going to win this election and it may not in the end -- >>ose: does tha mean obama is basing his reelection on the new america? and romney is basing his election on the old america in the same way that during -- former secretary of defense rumsfeld once said there was a new europe and old europe. >> demographically, certainly you can kind of in bold strokes talk about it that way but a president would like an old american votes and romney would like a lott of new american votes. but in the main they are relying on their support for dierent groups, and the republicans are right that the president has a tougher task in the sense that his big groups are lower propensity voters, they are just less likely to vote left to their own devices. the to get those people to vote and they already demonstrated that with some of the early voting. but you can't, i don't think you can look at polls sensibly that differ like this when they are both within stri
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